Marriage and Couples Counseling


Enhancement of Healthy and Happy Relationships.

No one has a perfect relationship, and almost every couple can benefit from additional guidance, education, and support in strengthening and enhancing relationship. Many couples seek counseling with a trained therapist to improve the relationship even when they are not overtly or explicitly distressed. It’s a sign of health, love, honor and respect for your relationship to be open to Marriage and couples counseling. It shows that prevention, maintenance and enhancement of the relationship is an important priority.

Couples therapy is a practical and efficient means of restoring connection and trust to in distressed, disconnected, and unsatisfying relationships by improving intimacy, communication, and problem-solving skills. Signs of a distressed marriage or relationship include: contempt, criticism, withdrawal, loss of connection, loss of friendship, and loss of sexual intimacy. I use an active, results-oriented, experiential, emotionally focused, and brief approach to get to the root of conflict so you can move forward as a happier, healthier, and more connected couple.



Common relationship struggles for couples include:

  • Gridlocked conflict
  • Constant bickering and fighting
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Infidelity
  • Separation
  • Infertility
  • Lack of satisfaction and enjoyment with your partner
  • Having the same issues over and over
  • Inability of your partner to understand why you are hurting
  • Extended family conflicts
  • Excessive anger, jealousy, control
  • Inherent differences in lifestyle decisions (having children, religion, career)

50-minute sessions – $145.00

( includes 20 minute of talk therapy followed by 30-minutes of guided heart centered meditation )

75-minute sessions – $165.00

( includes 45-minutes of talk therapy followed by 30-minutes of guided heart centered meditation )

90-minute sessions – $200.00

( includes 45-minutes of talk therapy followed by 45-minutes of guided heart centered meditation )

* Sliding Fee available to make support accessible for everyone.

In-Office or In-Home Half Day Couples Counseling Intensive

An effective and efficient way to lessen the length, pain, struggle, of hardship, crisis, and pain is through an intensive program. For couples that are not in crisis, this intensive program is effective in increasing intimacy, connection, trust, and fulfilment.

This 4-hour intensive counseling includes couples sessions, individual sessions, exercises, and handouts with a 1-hour additional follow up session scheduled within 2-weeks.

4 hour Intensive + 1 Hour follow up Session – $550.00

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